Natalina Cherubino
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'Summer in Calabria' 

A beautiful book of recipes and memories written by Natalina cherubino


The book is about my journey back to my birthplace - Italy, Calabria and what a journey it was.
— Natalina cherubino


Natalina Cherubino

Natalina Cherubino née Ierace left the small Calabrian village of La Rocca in southern Italy as a small child, emigrating to Australia with her mum and two older sisters. Over half a century later, Natalina returned to Calabria to reconnect with the culture, food and people she left behind.

In her second book “Summer in Calabria”, Natalina shares that journey, along with stories of growing up and making do in the remote bush settlement of Eight Mile Peg, where parrot and kangaroo formed part of her weekly diet.


This book of memories and recipes charmingly illustrates Natalina’s strong ties to Calabria.
— Antonio Carluccio, OBE OMRI

Summer in calabria

'Inspired by love of fresh ingredients'

'Summer in Calabria' tells the story of Natalina's return to the remote southern Italian village of La Rocca, where she was born. After nearly six decades of living in Australia, Natalina knew she had come home. 

"I wanted to write this book for several reasons. Firstly, I believe every migrant owes it to him or herself to revisit the country of their birth. Secondly, I wanted to share the simple, produce driven fare cooked by my mum and nonna throughout their lives - a style which today has evolved with a modern twist, proving itself worthy of being served in the world's finest dining rooms."

Inspired by a love of fresh ingredients, her grandchildren and the joy of cooking for others, Natalina has compiled her story into 370 pages of memories, photographs with over 60 recipes from the heart.